About Alpine

Alpine Achievement Systems provides school districts with a comprehensive data management solution and usable, state-of-the-art analytical tools. Alpine proudly partners with 180 school districts nationwide in data management, integration, and analysis.

  • Creates upload specs and reporting for your required state assessments including PARCC, Smarter Balanced, WIDA-ACCESS, end of course, state-sponsored ACT, Growth Model/Value Added files, to name a few. Just upload the files and we do the rest.
  • Syncs and stores data from any local, state, or national assessment in a single hub (including PALS, Scantron, DIBELS Next, Aspire, NWEA MAP, aimsweb, CogAT, ACT , SAT, PBIS, and nearly 800 more) and uses those data to populate expansive displays, reports, and comprehensive student portfolios.
  • Syncs with student information systems (SIS), including PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, Skyward, Edustar, and others. Student demographics and classes/schedules information can be imported from your SIS with automated updates.
  • Offers pre-designed and customizable templates for Student Learning Plans, RTI, 504, ELL, Gifted plans, and many others. This helps teachers create student plans that are dynamic and actionable, rather than filed away in a notebook. These plans can even be translated into multiple languages.
  • Is built on a secure, web-based, vendor-hosted platform, is accessible using common hardware and software, and can be used on Mac & PC platforms as well as laptop and tablet devices.
  • Respects your privacy. Your students, users, and data belong to you and only you. Period.
  • Allows teachers, principals, and district level administrators to easily view, report, and compare data across multiple data points and sources, and use the data to inform instructional planning and delivery.
  • Offers everything from multi-assessment, interactive Data Dashboards to individual student summary portfolio reports in browser and PDF formats.
  • Assists Educator Effectiveness initiatives by providing a tool with which to calculate student achievement and growth factors and create a defensible and thoughtful foundation for final evaluation ratings.


Alpine is the vision of Alisabeth Shearn and Charles Hohn. Alisabeth began her career as a classroom teacher, during which time she earned a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Colorado before returning to school for a second masters degree and a PhD in Psychology at The Ohio State University. Since that time, she has been a school district assessment director and president of a statewide assessment directors' organization before starting Alpine in 2001. Dr. Shearn is a regular presenter at conferences and has won 8 national awards from the American Educational Research Association for assessment results reporting.

Chuck is the architect and lead developer of the Alpine software system and website. He has been a software developer since the late 1980s and has designed and built software systems specifically for the internet since the mid-1990s. Prior to the inception of Alpine, Mr. Hohn was the Head of Product Development for Internet Communications (icom.com, a subsidiary of Interliant, Inc.) in Los Angeles, one of the largest web hosting companies in the world at that time. He is also the creator of Sitemin, an online website development environment for software architects and developers. Sitemin has been used extensively in the development of the Alpine system.

The Alpine Team

The Alpine Achievement Systems team includes experts in software development, technical support and data integration, client development, and multimedia production. Alpine team is known for its deep knowledge of assessment and instruction and its responsiveness to client needs.

" The analytical tools built into the system enable and encourage users at all levels to analyze data to maximize student learning. Alpine provides stellar customer support and consultation to ensure that we are using the product to its full capability."

Margie Ruckstuhl
Research, Data & Accountability Officer
Harrison School District Two, CO

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