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Alpine Achievement Systems was launched in 2001 to help school districts manage large volumes of high-stakes achievement data, while also providing high quality information to teachers and school administrators for instructional decision-making.

Alpine began by focusing on just the Colorado Student Assessment Program Tests (CSAP), because tools did not exist at that time that treated data accurately and efficiently, and that could distribute them to principals and teachers in meaningful ways. Alpine's client base grew by word of mouth and over the next few years, the systems expanded to include NWEA reporting tools and a Literacy Plan system. Along the way, Alpine was recognized twice by the American Educational Research Associations (AERA) Division H publications competition with top honors in Alternative Reporting Methods (2003) and No Child Left Behind Materials (2006).

Alpine's service options have changed in considerable ways over the last few years, in response to the needs of our clients:

  • We began working with clients outside of Colorado and expanded our state assessment offerings to include the main standards assessment plus the ELL assessment, alternate assessment, and other required assessments such as high school exit exams and end of course exams. Every state assessment presents its own opportunities and challenges, which underscores the importance of having a thoughtful design for each measure.
  • What started as a support tool for NWEA grew into an expansive assessment database with many large-scale assessments programmed into the system, so clients can just "load and go" or enter their data directly into the system for immediate reports. We also assist clients with setting up locally developed assessments in the database.
  • Our very popular literacy system formed the basis of a Student Plans system with the capacity to build your own plans as well as taking advantage of our predesigned plans in areas such as RTI, ELL, Gifted, Accommodations, general Student Learning Plans, 504, and Special Education.

Today, we work with over 50 state assessments, other large-scale and local assessments, and student plans. We serve school districts and charter management organizations in several states.


Alpine Achievement Systems is the vision of Alisabeth Shearn Ph.D. Dr. Shearn began her career as a classroom teacher, during which time she earned a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Colorado before returning to school for her PhD in Psychology at The Ohio State University. Since that time, she has been a school district assessment director and president of a statewide assessment directors' organization. Dr. Shearn is a regular presenter at conferences and has won 8 national awards for assessment results reports.

Charles Hohn is the architect and lead developer of the Alpine software system and website. Mr. Hohn has been a software developer since the late 1980s and has designed and built software systems specifically for the internet since the mid-1990s. Prior to the inception of Alpine, Mr. Hohn was the Head of Product Development for Internet Communications (icom.com, a subsidiary of Interliant, Inc.) in Los Angeles, one of the largest web hosting companies in the world at that time. He is also the creator of Sitemin, an online website development environment for software architects and developers. Sitemin has been used extensively in the development of the Alpine system.

The Alpine Team

The Alpine Achievement Systems team includes professionals specializing in different aspects of what we do, from software development to data integration... from multimedia production and client support to research and training. The Alpine team is known for its deep knowledge of assessment and instruction and its responsiveness to client needs.

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" We are thrilled with Alpine's responsiveness to our questions, suggestions, and requests. Alpine has helped us tailor assessment setups and numerous student plans to meet our specific needs. We are especially pleased with the way we can pull assessment data into plans and have data and plans follow our students as they progress through our schools."

Marie Revak, Ph.D.
Director of Assessment, Lewis-Palmer School District

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