How it Works

  1. What You Supply

    Your vision for what you want to accomplish and the data needed to achieve it.

    • Upload raw data files for State Assessments and Local Assessments & Measures
    • Sync student information, demographics, and Classes/Schedules data from your Student Information System
    • Enter data and test information for locally-developed measures
    • Make decisions about users and data access
  2. What Alpine Adds

    An easy to navigate home for your data, powerful analytical tools, and a great team of people who support you every step of the way.

    • Programming that transforms data files into actionable information in seconds
    • Intuitive analytical tools to explore your data in the ways you need
    • Customizable templates for your assessments, measures, and student plans
    • Guiding questions, learning resources, and standards that connect with your data
    • Responsive technical support, personalized consultation, and meaningful professional development
  3. What You Get

    Extensive, integrated reporting that helps your team find trends, explore questions, inform instructional decisions, and close gaps.

    • Instant summary reports, multi-assessment data dashboards, interactive graphs, custom spreadsheets, and more
    • Longitudinal, individual portfolio reports that richly illustrate each student's strengths and weaknesses
    • Complete and usable data sets for each assessment, all in one place
    • Shareable reports, templates, and dashboards for a central, strong data culture
The analytical tools built into the system enable and encourage users at all levels to analyze data to maximize student learning. Alpine provides stellar customer support and consultation.

Katherine Hochevar
Data Analyst
School District 49, CO

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