Alpine Services

  1. State & Local Data

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  2. Analytics & Early Alerts

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  3. Student Plans

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  4. Professional Development

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Must-Have Features

  1. Individual Student Folders

    Complete longitudinal summary of each student's information, scores, and plan records. View on screen or PDF.

  2. Summary Reports

    Pre-designed to answer key questions for each assessment with up-to-the-second accuracy. Apply adjustable minimum group size to protect individual student privacy.

  3. Interactive Graphs

    Select any bar to see the list of students it represents. Graphs immediately update when filtered by school, grade, season, and more.

  4. Data Dashboards

    View and interact with graphs from multiple assessments on a single screen.

  1. Custom Roster Reports

    Click-to-build spreadsheet reports that pull data together from multiple sources and years.

  2. Progress Monitoring

    Create progress monitoring reports based on any data in the system. Alpine plots the scores, computes the growth needed to achieve the goal, and can include intervention lines in the graph.

  3. Intervention Tracking

    Document interventions implemented for individuals or groups of students. Display interventions alongside scores in Progress Monitoring reports.

  4. Data Walls

    Interactive visualizations of achievement and progress for a group of students. Plot goal lines to see students' progress toward class goals.

  1. Guiding Questions

    Student and summary graphs are accompanied by guiding questions and interpretation reminders to help you use data effectively.

  2. Align to Standards

    Report and track proficiency by standard.

  3. Flexible Data Entry Methods

    Easily add data through file uploads or enter data directly for one or more students.

  4. Group Students Many Ways

    Filter data any way you wish - demographics, teacher, class, course, hand-picked student group, etc.

  1. Data Follow Students

    Assessment and plan data follow the student from grade to grade and from school to school. Records can also follow the student from one district to another through a secure Electronic Records Transfer process.

  2. Privacy/Security

    Customize user profiles to give the right amount of system access to each user. Session timeouts automatically log out users after a specified period of inactivity. Restrict data access during state-mandated or locally-implemented embargoes.

  3. System Integration

    Automate with your SIS to sync enrollment, demographics, schedules, and assessment data. Utilize single sign-on for easy logins.

  4. Extensive Support

    Highly responsive support through videos, tutorials, and guides available to all throughout the site. Live support available to admin users via phone, video conferencing, and email.

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