State & Local Data

Data integration, reporting, and distribution for state, large scale, and locally developed assessments

  1. Longitudinal Summary Reports with One Click

    • Pre-designed to answer key questions
    • Summarize across years, grades, and cohorts, or filter on any group of students
    Longitudinal Summary Reports
  2. Monitor Class Strengths & Needs

    Individual Report Graph
    • Bring your data to life
    • Add a reference line to visualize a class goal and identify students for intervention
  3. Progress Monitoring & Intervention Tracking

    • Scores and trend lines are automatically plotted
    • Add custom goals and plot interventions directly into graphs
    Progress Monitoring and Intervention Tracking
  4. Individual Student Graphs

    Individual Student Graphs
    • View snapshots of achievement, growth, and trends for each data source
    • Guiding questions and reminders help you interpret data