It all started over dinner...

Dr. Alisabeth Shearn, a school district assessment director, and Chuck Hohn, an internet programmer, were having dinner and talking about work. Alisabeth described a logistics problem she was having: How to manage the accountability and reporting requirements for a large volume of state assessment data while also getting meaningful output in the hands of teachers and principals. She could get the job done, but there was not enough time in the day (and night) to do it efficiently. The Alpine journey began when Chuck replied, "I know how to do things like that." Ideas quickly turned into pencil sketches, which evolved into the powerful tools being used today.

Today, Alpine is made up of a creative team of people with a common passion for helping educators help students. Alpine always has, and will, continue to develop features and tools in response to our clients' needs.

Our Team

The Alpine team is known for its deep knowledge of assessment and instruction and its responsiveness to client needs.

  • The Client Development Team gets new accounts up and running, refines the account with you until it's just right, and helps the account setup evolve as your needs change over time.

  • The Training and Professional Development Team supports clients throughout implementation. They develop relevant content and customize sessions to meet district needs, whether training on the Alpine tool or supporting the district's vision of moving educators from data to meaning to action.

  • The Technical Support Team answers questions and troubleshoots specific needs. They assist with designing new measures, loading data files, general account maintenance, and providing helpful suggestions. They keep each account humming!

  • The Multimedia Team produces the many videos on the Alpine website. They are responsible for script writing and recording, preparation of visuals, and editing and producing finalized videos.

  • The Business Development Team learns about the specific needs of potential client partners, attends and presents at conferences, and reaches out to school districts to demonstrate how we can support them.

  • The Programming Team is responsible for Alpine's design and functionality. They are known for their amazing innovations, attention to detail, and patience with all of the crazy ideas from the rest of the team!


Dr. Alisabeth Shearn began her career as a classroom teacher, during which time she earned a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Colorado before returning for a second Masters Degree and a PhD in Psychology at The Ohio State University. Since that time, she has been a school district assessment director and is past-president of a statewide assessment directors' organization. Dr. Shearn is a regular presenter at conferences and has won 8 national awards from the American Educational Research Association for assessment results reporting.

Chuck Hohn is the chief architect of the Alpine software system. He has been a software developer since the late 1980s and has designed and built software systems specifically for the internet since the mid-1990s. Prior to starting Alpine, Chuck was the Head of Product Development for Internet Communications (, a subsidiary of Interliant, Inc.) in Los Angeles. He is also the creator of Sitemin, an online website development environment for software architects and developers.

In elementary school, Chuck and Alisabeth, who are siblings, used to talk about inventing a 2-second machine (like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). While that invention didn't go anywhere, Alpine has turned out to be a "2-second machine" for your data. Sometimes a crazy idea from a couple of kids turns into something really cool.